26. Fünfeckstein

The dividing line between the local communities Miesenbach, Mackenbach, Schwedelbach, Reichenbach-Steegen and Kottweiler-Schwanden was used as a reference point by the citizens of these communities as early as 1600. It was the place where at that time there was still a wolf’s hollow (wolf pit). Especially in the times of the Thirty Years’ War, the wolves reproduced to such an extent that the citizens wanted to protect themselves against the predators and renewed the wolf hollows.
After surveying work on the Hebenhübel hill, the five-corner stone was erected in the hollow of the former wolf pit in 1771 and has since marked the point at which the districts of the five communities converge. Each flat side points in the direction of the local community with its respective initials.
The stone was repaired by the Reichswaldgenossenschaft in 1985 and replaced by the five local communities in 2006 after willful destruction by strangers.