27. Stickelbach

The „Stickelbach“ rises between the Hebenhübel and the Bermeshöhe and flows through a meadow valley in a south-southwestern direction towards the Miesenbach creek. Vigorously bubbling springs filled „four little Wööglein“ in the Kottweiler-Schwandener Flur and two „Wööglein“ in the Miesenbach district as early as 1600.
The defining word “stickel” can be traced back to the Middle High German words “steigel/stickel” for precipitous, steep. Hence, “Stickelbach” means “steep creek” or “steepcreek”, which is an obvious designation looking at the geographical conditions. There is a height difference of 60 meters from the sources to the boundary of the village, which results in a gradient of 7-8% for the stream.