25. Hebenhübel

The Hebenhübel hill has long been the dividing line between five local communities: Kottweiler-Schwanden, Reichenbach-Steegen, Schwedelbach, Mackenbach and (Ramstein-)Miesenbach. As early as 1771 the so-called five-corner stone was built where all 5 villages meet. It points with the flat side in the direction of the local community with its respective initials. The basic word Hübel is derived from the Middle High German word „bühel“, which means hill. The defining word Heben can be traced back to “heppe”, a sickle-shaped tool with which forest workers cut down the lower bushes of young deciduous trees. In the farmers’ award of Landstuhl from 1670 it says: In this district the Lords of Nanstein … have all the high forests that has outgrown the Heppe. „(The reference to the family name“ Hepp „is also conceivable, however.)