24. Bermeshöhe

The Bermeshöhe is at one of the highest points in the district at 359 meters. The parcels on the Bermeshöhe have been used for agriculture since 1845, while the steep slopes towards the village, unlike today, were forested back then.

According to the Palatinate dictionary, the name is derived from the first name Pirminius. St. Pirminius evangelized the western Palatinate in the 8th century. He founded a monastery in Hornbach near Zweibrücken, to which a piece of forest was bequeathed. A settlement was built in this wooded area, today’s Pirmasens colloquially Bermesens. Presumably, this height was originally a „Pirminiushöhe“, the colloquial form of which was Bermeshöhe. The Hornbach Benedictines not only founded Pirmasens, but also Glan-“Mönchweiler” and the Pirminius judicial district extended on the side of Reichenbach to the still existing high route, which is probably the origin of the name.