Dealing with dogs: Removal of dog excrements / leash requirement

Based on the Security Rules (Gefahrenverordnung) by the Union Community Administration, you as a dog owner, are legally obligated to remove the excrements of your four-legged friend. The public order office may impose fines if you do not comply with this rule. Even criminal charges are possible, as dog faeces can be a source of infection for animals and humans – especially on playgrounds or in parks. But even in free nature, heaps of dogs can do a lot of damage. If the four-legged leaves his business on meadows, fields or in the forest, grazing and forest animals can be damaged if they eat plants contaminated with dog excrements. But where do you go with the piles? In the community of Ramstein-Miesenbach there are public garbage bins and partly special bag dispensers. However, it is usually recommended to have their own bag ready. Make it a habit to always take a few plastic bags along. When your dog has done its business, turn the plastic bags to the left, grab the pile, close the bag and throw it with the bag into the waste bin. Dog excrement/animal excrement generally belongs in the residual waste bin or in the intended public garbage containers. But please never put loose in the containers, but pack and seal in plastic bags. Please think of the waste disposal companies that are on duty every day to empty the garbage cans. They have direct contact with the contents of these containers. In order to protect the employees and not expose them to the bad smells, it is a social imperative to always put the dog excrement/animal excrement packed in the waste container. Because of incidents, the Verbandsgemeinde Ramstein-Miesenbach points out compliance of the following legal provisions of the Security Ordinance of the Union Community Administration of Ramstein-Miesenbach: Dogs must be kept on a leash inside city limits and public facilities. Outside built-up localities they must be leashed immediately and without prompting when other people approach or become visible. It is forbidden to take dogs into public areas on children‘s playgrounds, sports facilities, bolt courts, sunbathing lawns or barbecue areas or to have them bathe in wells, ponds or water basins.

Ramstein-Miesenbach, July 4, 2020, Union Community Administration Regulatory Office