Clubs and activities in Kottweiler-Schwanden

Our village offers a large variety of clubs. So join us and be part of our community!

A complete contact list can be downloaded here


The choral society
Originally founded as a male choral society in 1877, the choir changed into its present form by opening up for women. The repertoire is versatile and includes traditional as well as modern songs.
The choir welcomes people of all ages united by the desire to sing and have fun together.
The rehearsals take place every Thursday from 8 to 9:30 pm at the community center.

Karin Schmittler
Mozartstraße 2 b
66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: 06371-614010

The Catholic Church Choir
The Catholic Church Choir was founded in 1927. Currently, more than 20 singers under the direction of Karin Löhr-Schaumlöffel make for a lively and active choir. The repertoire consists of ecclesiastical as well as secular songs. Rehearsals take place on Fridays at 8 pm at the Robert-Schuman house.

1st Chairperson: Werner Holzhauser
Phone: 06371-51821
2nd Chairperson: Gaby Becker
Phone: 06371-70501
Choir leader: Karin Löhr-Schaumlöffel
Phone: 06374-4622

The Creative–Team
The Creative-Team is a group of women who help fashion and enrich our local Christmas and Easter markets with their artisanal handicraft. They create and sell Advent and common door wreaths, tasteful decoration and flower arrangements for Easter. The main goal of the Creative-Team is to donate the proceeds to support municipal institutions or social activities in our community.
Everybody who likes to be creative with artisanal handicraft and who wants to contribute to the common good of our village is welcome to join them!

Marion Borger-Urschel
Turmstr. 5c
Phone: 06371-57900
Henny Feil
Mühlstr. 11
Phone: 6371-51306

The society of countrywomen was established in 1956.
Throughout the year they offer a variety of activities such as cooking classes, creative workshops and lectures about health. You also can find them on village fairs where they offer foods and drinks.

Claudia Stuber
Wiesenstraße 6
66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden
Phone: 06371-953550

Musikverein Kottweiler-Schwanden
The musical society Kottweiler-Schwanden was founded in 1929.
Their repertoire includes traditional German brass music, jazz, swing, big-band-sound and classical music.
One of the annual highlights is their spring concert which usually takes place at the Sulzbachhalle in May.
Musicians, experienced or beginners, are welcome to join them
Their rehearsals take place every Thursday from 8 – 10 pm at the community center.

Hanni Walther
Friedenstr. 12
66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden
Tel.: 06371-51534

The seniors’ get-together exists for 24 years. They meet at 3 pm every first Thursday of the month at the Robert-Schuman house to chat, commemorate, hear poems and sing songs. From time to time they invite outside speakers to talk about topics of interest.
Everybody is welcome to join them!

Katholische Pfarrgemeinde St. Elisabeth
The catholic community St Elisabeth exists since 1927. Besides the services (you can find time and place on they run a library open on Wednesdays from 3.30 to 5.30 pm and organize summer camps.
You’re welcome to attend the services.

Orcharding and Horticultural Club Kottweiler-Schwanden
The orcharding and horticulture Club is the oldest club in Kottweiler-Schwanden. Back in 1985, its 125th anniversary was celebrated. The focus used to be on gardening and fruit growing, this has now changed to the exploitation of its own fruit in the wine press and sterilizing installation.
Purpose and object of the club today is:
• production of apple juice
• Advice on cutting of trees and trellis design of plants in the garden
• Contributions to local beautification by planting flowers

Social Community VdK
(Local branch Kottweiler-Schwanden / Steinwenden-Weltersbach)
The social community VdK was founded in 1950 and has evolved over the past 60 years to a large, modern social organization. The focus of its work is the commitment to social justice and solidarity. For problems with social authorities, VdK represents the interests of its members with the support of experienced, competent members of the district office Kaiserslautern. Of course, socializing between members is also maintained within the VdK local branch.

The New Year’s reception and the Oktoberfest are regular events of the VdK.

Sports Club Kottweiler-Schwanden (SVK)
The sports club Kottweiler-Schwanden was founded in 1946. Since then the membership figure has steadily increased to about 400 members and has reached a constant level by now. The club colors are green and white. The club has two sports facilities on Herzerkopf (hard court) and at the Sulzbach Hall (grass court). The Sulzbach hall is used for all indoor sports activities.
Soccer is played in a women’s team and two men’s teams, as well as in under 13, 15, and 17 juniors teams. In addition, the club offers step aerobics, men sports over 50, women’s gymnastics, Nordic Walking, athletics and children’s gymnastics regularly.
The sports club offers the following activities:
• Soccer
• Mass sport
• Women’s gymnastics
• Step aerobics
• Nordic walking / back exercises
• Men Sports over 50 years
• Athletics
• Child Sport
• Parent-Child Gymnastics

Christopher Völker