4. Herrenwoog

Popularly Im / Am / De Woog

The word Woog comes from the Middle High German „wac, wage“, which means something like pond.
Before the Thirty Years‘ War, the three ponds that were located one behind the other in the Hainbuchental were called „Hanbucher Wöög“. The two lowest belonged to the Elector Palatinate. The last was owned by the heirs of the former land clerk and mayor of Kaiserslautern, Hans Weigand Schlör.
During the Thirty Years‘ War, the ponds became swampy amd were taken over by the new settlers unaware of the property situation. It was not until a legal dispute in 1749 that the Electoral Palatinate was re-established as the owner, whereupon the name „Herrenwoog“ arose in the vernacular, as belonging to the lords. However, the ponds were never created again. The old pond path was straightened and cut through the former middle pond. All adjacent field names refer to the ponds: „Am Herrenwoog“, „Auf dem Herrenwoog“, „Am Herrenwoogrech“