20. Hagisch Seit

Today, the name „Hagisch Seit“ describes the Friedhofstrasse and the valley side that goes with it. The word “Hagisch” goes back linguistically to the Middle High German word “hac” or Old High German “hag”. It meant thorn bushes, bushes, fencing, enclosures or enclosed forest. The name goes back to the time when this part of Schwanden belonged to the Veldenz Counts of Lauterecken, i.e. until the beginning of the 19th century. During the feudal period, the residents of Lautereckisch Schwanden were punishable forbidden from entering the zoo, which stretches to the right of Friedhofstrasse. The hunting of the roe deer was reserved for the masters alone. To prevent the animals from escaping from the zoological garden, the area was largely fenced in with a natural fence made of thorns and hornbeam hedge, the „Hag“. This is how the name „Hagisch Seit“ came about.