17. Am Frühbirnbaum

1784: „The little piece on the yellow pear tree“ (Electoral Palatinate files)

As can be seen from the Kurpfalzakte of 1784, the name of the open field-system goes back to an obviously unusual pear tree bearing fruit early. While the pear was already the dominant fruit in France in the 17th century, ahead of the apple, it was the exception in our region. Such an unusual pear tree, which bore fruit for direct consumption at an early point in the year, was then also a distinguishing feature to give the open field its name.
A clear distinction was also made in the naming of the area „Am Weinbaum“ (at the wine tree) in the valley, which was still mentioned in 1770 as the field „am Wein Bieren Baum“. Pears grew here, the wine pear trees, which were less suitable for direct consumption. The farmers used their fruit to make pear wine, which, in the absence of beer, served them as a durable, light alcoholic drink all year round.