14. Spinnberg

The Spinnberg stretches up to the ridgeway (Hilschberger Höhenweg). At 393 meters it is also the highest point in the community of Kottweiler-Schwanden.
The poverty of the rural population in the 18th century led to the deforestation of two thirds of the forest and its conversion to farmland by 1845. The sunny southern slope promised a good harvest. Today the Spinnberg is forested again.
The name Spinnberg includes the word „speien“ (spit), derived from the Middle High German word „spiwen, spien“. The mountain has always been a „water-spouting mountain“. It has strong springs that feed the creeks and some of them still do, such as the Kötzenbach and the Sulzbach, which flow lengthways through the Kottweiler-Schwanden.