12. Gemeindeäcker

Between the Schnellbach and Lanzenhesseltal valleys, a narrow ridge protrudes from the boundary near Fockenberg to the southeast into the Hainbuchental valley. It is the open field “Auf den Gemeindeäckern” (in the community fields). In the Middle Ages, this land, located far from the village, was „common land“, which came under the term „Allmende” (common property). The „Allmende“ was used by the general public, first as a forest, then as a common pasture and finally as „common arable land“. The mayor and magistrates administered the common land by leasing or selling it. The income went to the local community. In 1845, five parcels were each used as fields or meadows in this open-field system and one parcel was registered as wasteland. Of these eleven properties, three were still in community ownership in the mid-19th century.