10. Hainbuchental

„Hainbuchental“ is historically the earliest field name documented by sources in our village. In the village name literature, the “Hanbuch” is even listed as an abandoned village. The linguistic form of the defining word has changed little since the early Middle Ages. “Han, Ham, Hom, Hahn” became the New High German word “Hain”. Hence, the valley got its name from the “Hainbuche” (hornbeam). The “hagen-buoche”, as it is called in Middle High German, has determined the image of the valley. In the description from 1600 it says “First of all the Hanbuch is a meadow wax, next to it overgrown with tall trees”. The view of the valley has probably always been characterized by Hornbeam hedges on cattle drives and as enclosures for fields.
Officially, the name „Hainbuchental“ has been in place for the last half of the valley since 1845. The open-fields closer to the village had other names such as „Herrenwoog“. Today, however, the vernacular simply says „’s Daal“ to the whole valley.