1. Sulzbach

Since the year 1600, the name „Sulzbach“ has been used for the creek that flows lengthways through Kottweiler-Schwanden and flows into the Moorbach in Steinwenden. The name „Bihlbach“ was popular until around 1800 for the upper course from the source in the Friedhofstraße to the area around the kindergarten between the two village districts. The Sulzbach is fed by the Hilschberger Bach, the Werzelbach from the direction of Reichenbach-Steegen, the Kreuzbach from the Hohl, the Juckestaler Bach coming from the valley floodplain at today’s kindergarten, the Hainbuchentaler Bach coming from the Ochsenbach and finally the Schwenderbach, in the border area to Steinwenden. In the 18th and 19th centuries, the water of the Sulzbach drove the wheels of three mills in Kottweiler-Schwanden and supplied a tannery in the Altenhof (Steinwendener Straße), which had a high demand for water for its craft. In order to supply these companies with water, the course of the stream was relocated several times over the centuries, especially in the Schwanden area.

The name Sulzbach goes back to the Middle High German verb „solgen/sulgen“ and means wallowing in the swamp. The swampy bank areas of the Sulzbach gave the bristle cattle enough opportunity to do so.

The cartographers in the 20th century changed the name to „Schwanderbach“, but this contradicts the centuries-old tradition. The creek was also the name giver of the multi-purpose hall built in the 1980s.